Injection system



Power saving type, system considering production cost
The Hybrid Servo System combined with servo motor & servo drive(controller) controls pressure and flow rate in conventional hydraulic system machine.
The newer Hybrid hydraulic system combined with the advantages of excellent control performance of electric machine and easy and low-cost maintenance in hydraulic machine.
Hybrid Servo SystemConstitute
High performance synchronous servo motor and precise servo drive system Accurate pressure and flow control is realized by close loop system with encoder, pressure sensor, brake resister and safety valve.
Hybrid Servo System Constitute
Hybrid Servo System feature
  • Energy saving _ Saving electrical consumption up to 65% average and more in max.compared to conventional hydraulic injection machine.
  • High-performance _ High Responsiveness(35ms ) and high Reproductibility.(1% F.S )
  • High-quality _ High productivity(reduction failure rate), More precise molding.
  • Downsizing utility capa _ Decreasing overheat of hyd. Oil and saving utility cost)
  • Low-noise _ Quite operation(75dB and below)
  • Saving operation cost _ Reduction of maintenance cost
Hybrid Servo System Control
Servo drive controls servo according to the designated pressure
and flow from command of controller. And pump operated by
the servo motor controls actuators accurately with designated
command signal.
Hybrid Servo System Control
Hybrid Servo System Speed Responsiveness
  • Realizing maximum speed (flow rate) responsiveness of
    35mm/sec and maximum pressure responsiveness of
    45mm/sec. (It depends on the flow rater of pump)
  • Reaching highest speed from lowest speed controlled by
    high-speed responsiveness of synchronous servo motor.